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Edging and Mulching

Edging and Mulching


Edges define the beds and help manage the plants in the beds.

A nice edge gives a finished professional look to your landscaping. You can achieve a nice edge using a spade, hoe, half-moon edger or a power edger. Edging requires time and effort several times throughout the growing season.

Applying mulch is very popular today and is also one of the best things you can do for your flower and plant beds, trees and even vegetable gardens. There are many benefits of adding mulch to your gardens and landscape. Mulch naturally retains moisture therefore reducing water consumption. It provides insulation to your plants by controlling soil temperature, keeping roots strong during our hot summer and it also deters weed growth.

For optimum results, we suggest applying the mulch to a minimum thickness of 2 to 3 inch depth. Another great advantage of using mulch is to dramatically boost your curb appeal and have a neat and well kept, professional look to your landscaping.

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