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Thatching, Core Aeration and Lawn Renovation

Thatching, Core Aeration and Lawn Renovation


Aerating is extremely beneficial to your grass and will also improve your soil leading to thicker turf.

Roots require moisture, oxygen, and space. Soil compacting causes a risk to the health of your lawn.  Over time soil becomes pressed down compacting all the particles. Regular mowing, poor drainage and wet conditions all contribute to this compacting. Compacted soil prevents roots from expanding, interferes with water filtration and disrupts nutrient intake.

Aerating your lawn will help alleviate this situation by creating holes in the ground, which will allow air back down into the soil. This creates room for compact soil to turn into a looser particle arrangement. The holes that are created in an aerated lawn allow air back into the soil, thus allowing more room for roots to expand. Rain and irrigation water is able to penetrate into the ground and give your lawn the ability to flourish. The bottom line is that lawn aeration builds thicker turf. The most beneficial time to aerate is later in the spring or during the fall.

Lawn thatch is the build up of excessive unwanted material in your lawn which can choke out air, water and sunlight. Too much build up of thatch in your lawn can cause grass to stop growing and become more prone to insects and lawn disease. Thatch is made of dead grass build up, pine needles; and moss. The best time to dethatch a lawn is in the spring and early fall.

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