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Garden Soil For Sale

Topsoil For Sale


Enjoy the many benefits from using a nutrient rich blend of topsoil.

Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil and is a blend of decomposed organic materials, minerals, rocks, microorganisms, moisture and soil. Without topsoil it is difficult for your garden to flourish to it's full potential.

There are many benefits of using a nutrient rich blend of topsoil. Benefits include nutrient retention necessary to sustain plant life, promotion of healthy plant growth and strong root structures, as well as reducing soil erosion due to the healthy plant structures and strong roots stabilizing the soil.

At Turf Plus we screen all our own top soil. Quality topsoil is the best foundation for creating a new garden as well as reviving and replenishing an existing garden or flower bed. Topsoil is also great for growing new lawn from either sod or seed.

Our nutrient rich topsoil is available for sale and delivery


Screened Topsoil $20/yard

Garden Soil $31/yard

Soft Wood Econo Mulch $25/yard

Delivery to Guelph Area $65
Please inquire about delivery outside of Guelph Area


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