Commercial Property Maintenance Services


Your landscape is a large living investment that must be taken care of. Properly managed, your property contributes to the value, curb appeal and usefulness of your property.

Turf Plus is a leader in landscape maintenance with over 20 years of experience maintaining commercial and residential properties. We offer year round commercial and residential landscape management, providing your property with the highest level of care and attention to leave a lasting impression. Our team offers weekly, monthly and annual service plans to take care of all your grounds maintenance needs.

For our commercial clients we are available 24/7 for building maintenance needs during off hours so that we do not interfere with production, property emergencies, etc.

A well maintained property and attractive landscape adds value by improving curb appeal, increasing customer traffic for retail properties and enhancing tenant satisfaction for offices and condominium/townhouse complexes. Turf Plus takes great pride in maintaining the beauty and longevity of your property.

Customized Year-round Packages

Our year round packages are customized to your needs. We will provide you with a comprehensive grounds care package customized to your needs, which will reduce cost, improve results and make your property look immaculate.

Our professional team is responsible, timely and most of all committed to your satisfaction.


We keep your lawn and garden looking its best!

Turf Plus specializes in commercial lawn care services including grass cutting, weed control, finishing, cleanup, edging, mulching, whatever is needed to keep your property looking its best! We maintain many different properties such as residential, apartment buildings, condominiums, businesses, large and small manufacturing sites plus much more.


Turf Plus takes great pride in ensuring your gardens and your yard look its absolute best all season long.

We understand what is required to take care of your property. Sprucing up an existing landscape or preparing your landscape for the next season; our Spring, Fall and Summer Cleanup may be just what you need.

We provide the following services in our Complete Landscape Clean up:

  • Trim and prune shrubs
  • Weed all flower beds
  • Edge all beds
  • Provide mulch
  • Waste, clippings and debris removal

Although this service has traditionally been done in the Spring, we have found that it is becoming very popular throughout the entire spring/summer/fall seasons. Property owners are scheduling our detailed landscape clean up prior to an important event so that their gardens and landscape look clean and fresh. Curb appeal is very important these days and you will find this is a very affordable way to have your property look its best.

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The finishing touch of plants will help transform the look of your property.

Colourful flowers, perennials and shrubs add to your landscape design and greatly impact curb appeal. Our designers will help you choose your plants from perennials, annuals, ground cover, vines, shrubs, trees and more.


Trim, Prune, Shape, Sculpt and Removal of Trees and Scrubs is our Specialty! 

Our experienced landscape crews are ready to trim, prune, shape, sculpt and remove your trees and scrubs. Give your property an instant lift! We assist with fallen limbs, dead or falling trees and other debris that needs to be removed from your property as well as sprucing up your remaining trees and shrubs. Let Turf Plus take care of all your needs from tree removal, tree service, stump grinding, tree stump removal services and more.


Edges define the beds and help manage the plants in the beds. 

A nice edge gives a finished professional look to your landscaping. You can achieve a nice edge using a spade, hoe, half-moon edger or a power edger. Edging requires time and effort several times throughout the growing season. 

Applying mulch is very popular today and is also one of the best things you can do for your flower and plant beds, trees and even vegetable gardens. There are many benefits of adding mulch to your gardens and landscape. Mulch naturally retains moisture therefore reducing water consumption. It provides insulation to your plants by controlling soil temperature, keeping roots strong during our hot summer and it also deters weed growth. 

For optimum results, we suggest applying the mulch to a minimum thickness of 2 to 3 inch depth. Another great advantage of using mulch is to dramatically boost your curb appeal and have a neat and well kept, professional look to your landscaping.


Sodding or installing new grass increases appeal and the value to your home or commercial property. 

Turf Plus uses top quality sod and soil to create beautiful lawns. We only install professional, green, healthy, weed-free sod straight from the best sod farms available in Ontario. Quickly transform your property, no waiting for grass seed to grow. Get your lawn installed and instantly transform your property. Start with the best sod and enjoy the best lawn!


Get the lawn you’ve always wanted! 

Need to bring a tired lawn back to life? Wish your lawn was healthier? Regular fertilizer feedings are the fastest, most affordable way to care for your lawn. Fertilizer feedings keep your grass greener, stronger and crowds out weeds. Your grass in turn will stand up to sun, heat and stress better. Feeding your lawn two or three times a year gives grass plants the nutrients they need for deep roots and strong, full blades. We will set-up a lawn fertilizer program that best suits your lawn needs and you won’t have to think about it again! Simply just enjoy your beautiful lawn.


Aerating is extremely beneficial to your grass and will also improve your soil leading to thicker turf. 

Roots require moisture, oxygen, and space. Soil compacting causes a risk to the health of your lawn. Over time soil becomes pressed down compacting all the particles. Regular mowing, poor drainage and wet conditions all contribute to this compacting. Compacted soil prevents roots from expanding, interferes with water filtration and disrupts nutrient intake. 

Aerating your lawn will help alleviate this situation by creating holes in the ground, which will allow air back down into the soil. This creates room for compact soil to turn into a looser particle arrangement. The holes that are created in an aerated lawn allow air back into the soil, thus allowing more room for roots to expand. Rain and irrigation water is able to penetrate into the ground and give your lawn the ability to flourish. The bottom line is that lawn aeration builds thicker turf. The most beneficial time to aerate is later in the spring or during the fall. 

Lawn thatch is the build up of excessive unwanted material in your lawn which can choke out air, water and sunlight. Too much build up of thatch in your lawn can cause grass to stop growing and become more prone to insects and lawn disease. Thatch is made of dead grass build up, pine needles; and moss. The best time to dethatch a lawn is in the spring and early fall.